Enhancing Your Audit Solution through Electronic Document Submission

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Document Submission made Simple.

Responding to record requests and keeping up with all of the required documentation in today's audit arena is an extremely cumbersome process. Recent Medicare Fee-For-Service Audit program changes have created opportunities for providers to achieve efficiencies specifically in the Release of Information process. Whether you are outsourcing the process to an ROI vendor or handling the process in-house, the cost can be high from both an administrative and financial perspective.

Despite the lower ADR limits now in place, providers are still burdened with the onerous process of capturing, responding to and keeping organized all the required and supporting documentation for the audit process. Why stress the resources of your organization when you can simplify this part of the audit process and take more control of your documentation submission with CMS' esMD program.

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What is esMD?

esMD is a program developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services that allows providers and Certified Health Information Handlers to electronically submit required medical records and associated documentation during the claims review process. This includes the electronic submission of Discussion Letters, as well as Level 1 and Level 2 Appeals. The esMD process is the preferred method to receive documents by the audit contractors as compared to faxes or standard mail.

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Blueway Portal

Blueway Portal is a secure web-based tool that enables providers to achieve efficiencies through the esMD program by implementing enhancements to existing audit management processes. With Blueway Portal, providers can immediately begin taking advantage of electronic document submission options for all types of records requests and for all types of contractors. Blueway Portal is one of the few standalone submission tools available today.

Blueway Portal provides tools that strengthen four key areas of the audit response process, including:

  • Basic Audit Inventory Tracking
  • Electronic Document Submission
  • Electronic Appeals Submissions
  • Document Management and Storage
Utilizing Blueway Portal, providers can quickly and easily initiate esMD transactions while continuing to use existing audit workflow management tools–acting as a true complement to your current processes.

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Benefits to You

  • Quicker Turnaround Time. With esMD, providers have reported payment turnaround of six days as opposed to three weeks with the paper submission process. Also notable, Bluemark partners have reported an average turnaround time of 114 minutes from submission to receipt of Level 2 acknowledgement.
  • Reduced Labor Costs. Blueway Portal eliminates the need to print and mail paper, feed a fax machine or burn CDs, reducing the labor required to fulfill documentation requests. Savings will be realized in document assembly, document review and follow-on tracking. Time savings can be as much as 50% per submission.
  • Reduced Hard Costs. Blueway Portal reduces hard costs of managing your audit response process, such as shipping and handling expenses.
  • Peace of Mind. Blueway Portal provides a secure platform and a transparent process that facilitates almost-immediate feedback and issues notifications.

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Blueway Portal Features

  • Electronic document submission capabilities for all records requests. Send Medical Records Discussion Requests and Level 1 and Level 2 Appeal Letters to any esMD subscribing contractor.
  • Secure web-based tool. Allows providers to securely transmit and receive sensitive audit-related data via the CMS Connect Gateway. Blueway Portal meets all HL7 standards.
  • Full esMD inventory reporting. Flexible reporting suite allowing for active and past inventory, status and statistical reports.
  • Data upload capabilities with Excel. Export data from your systems and easily upload it to Blueway Portal using an Excel document, eliminating the need for manual data input and preventing data entry errors.
  • Activity dashboards. Featured on the user home page, the dashboard provides a summary of all account activity, including inventory status and data trends for document and contractor types, as well as a complete list of activities due within the week.
  • Notifications and reminders. Users can opt to receive daily email summaries of activities due, to ensure no missed deadlines.
  • User management tools. Administrators have access to a number of tools that provide user logs and records of user activity. Blueway Portal's user tracking seamlessly builds into the system an audit trail for your records.
  • Polished user interface and robust help features. Blueway Portal's user interface is easy to learn and intuitive to maneuver. The portal is supported by a robust help system that enables your team to access training guides, troubleshooting recommendations and tech support as needed.

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