Innovate and Simplify Your Approach to Managing the Uninsured

The Challenge

Managing eligibility and enrollment for the uninsured has always had its challenges. But health care reform has added a deeper layer of complexity – creating an intricate maze for providers, navigators and other organizations guiding individuals through this process.

New programs, eligibility rules and systems introduced through the Affordable Care Act have made it even more challenging to identify and enroll assistance-eligible individuals. Understanding the varying criteria and enrollment pathways for Medicaid, Financial Assistance and health insurance exchanges can be a struggle without a strong solution to seamlessly navigate this broad spectrum of programs.

Organizations are pressured to help more people than ever before – even identifying and successfully managing outreach to them – all while continuing to achieve maximum results.

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The Solution

The Bluemark MAPS family of solutions helps providers and navigators accurately and efficiently assess the uninsured or underinsured, properly qualify them for appropriate assistance, and provide complete enrollment support for all programs – in a single technology platform. Featuring intuitive technology and a modular architecture, MAPS is the only eligibility and enrollment technology solution that can be fully configured to meet your needs

MAPS Self-Pay (SP) for Hospitals and Health Systems

MAPS SP enhances providers' existing self-pay management processes – whether outsourced or in-sourced to efficiently screen and enroll patients for all types of programs, including Medicaid, Financial Assistance, health insurance exchanges and more. MAPS SP enables providers to accurately screen and enroll more patients and achieve maximum reimbursement.

MAPS Navigator (NV) For Navigators and Other Facilitated Enrollment Organizations

MAPS NV equips navigators to efficiently manage the growing number of uninsured and underinsured individuals seeking enrollment assistance, helping them to comply with the ACA's health insurance coverage requirement.

MAPS-Clear, the Patient Outreach Portal

An add-on to the MAPS system providing patients with access to a self-service portal for the purpose of working with the hospital for eligibility and enrollment into Medicaid and Financial Assistance programs.

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Automate and Simplify for Maximum Results

Increase staff productivity via automation, document control and accountability

  • Application preparation and submission tools
  • Sophisticated workflow engine

Finding appropriate program coverage

  • Custom program screening to determine the correct enrollment pathway from among Medicaid, Financial Assistance, health insurance exchanges and other public programs

Document Imaging & Electronic Checklists

  • Supports optical scanning of supporting documentation and verifications

Reduce overall enrollment cycle-time

  • Electronic submission of applications through our proprietary exchange interface.
  • Self-service screening and scheduling portal

Efficiently manage tracking, auditing and compliance

  • Role-based security models
  • Full system integration to HIS platforms via HL7
  • Case management, tracking and reporting to ensure compliance and performance

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Evolving with Your Changing Needs

Backed by strong relationships with our clients and partners, Bluemark offers mature SaaS solutions that are time-tested, proven and positioned to evolve with the healthcare market. Through our engaged community of users, we stay connected to the challenges that impact our clients and continue to enhance our solutions to meet changing industry needs. Recent innovations as a result of these collaborations include:

  • Exchange Interface: Seamless integration with state-based exchanges for MAGI Medicaid eligible individuals; Eliminates duplicate data entry, ensures accurate sharing of information, and enables account status tracking; This is a key feature of MAPS NV and available in MAPS SP.
  • MAPS-Clear: Save time and money by allowing compliant patients to come to you instead of spending money chasing them. MAPS-Clear allows patients to securely screen, supply application information, provide documentation and message their financial counselor.
  • Advanced Reporting Analytics: Allows users to access any data elements available in the system and develop a wide array of reports to support outcomes tracking and monitor success.

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