MAPS-Clear Patient Outreach Portal

A patient-centric solution specifically designed to directly engage your patients

The Solution

MAPS-Clear, the patient outreach portal, an add-on to the MAPS system and provides patients with access to a self-service portal for the purpose of working with the hospital for eligibility and enrollment into Medicaid and Financial Assistance programs. MAPS-Clear allows patients to securely screen, supply application information, provide documentation and message their financial counselor.

MAPS-Clear also contains outreach tools that allow the hospital to send batch emails and text messages to patients to prompt them to join the portal process.

Save time and money by allowing compliant patients to come to YOU instead of spending money chasing THEM.

With MAPS-Clear Our Clients:

  • Improve patient experience and satisfaction
  • Better align communication tools with the changing demographics of today's patient
  • Have a low-cost method to reach high volume low dollar accounts
  • More tools to seamlessly integrate into current MAPS worklist and process flows
  • Improve 501(R) compliance

Outreach Tools & Methods

MAPS-Clear has several methods to reach patients based on your criteria. These tools can be crafted with your specific workflow in mind to optimize patient engagement and responses including emails, texts and QR Codes on signage and letters.

MAPS-Clear allows patients to collaborate with their financial counselor on a wide variety of needs in the assessment and enrollment process. These tools can be configured to maximize the engagement and streamline the documentation and approval of your Financial Assistance cases.

  • Self-screening for Financial Assistance and Medicaid programs
  • Schedule a follow-up phone or live appointment
  • Supply application, survey & patient satisfaction information
  • Supply documents & sign your Financial Assistance program application
  • Direct message with their financial counselor