Increase Efficiency and Tracking in Your Enrollment Process

Innovative Solutions for NY Navigators and Enrollment Assistors

The challenges associated with helping uninsured New York residents obtain coverage are steadily growing in complexity with health care reform. New eligibility criteria and enrollment pathways have increased the scope of assistance available. For New York navigator organizations providing community support, automating this manual process and finding a solution to seamlessly support exchange enrollment may seem impossible. Until now.

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MAPS NV: A Single Platform, Multiple Programs

MAPS Navigator (NV) provides the tools and technology to fully automate the screening and enrollment for health insurance exchange subsidies and plans, as well as Medicaid. Users can also choose to incorporate Non-Medical Assistance Programs such as Food Stamps screening and enrollment support into the system.

New York State of Health Exchange Interface for Increased Efficiency
A key feature of MAPS NV is its seamless integration with New York State of Health marketplace for MAGI Medicaid and Qualified Health Plan eligible individuals. This interface eliminates duplicate data entry, ensures accurate data sharing, and enables account status tracking. All of this means increased accuracy, efficiency and results.

Expert Tools Built by Eligibility Experts
Designed by experts for experts, MAPS NV is fully configurable to complement your existing processes. Supported by intuitive technology and a modular architecture, MAPS NV provides the flexibility to apply all navigator rules, workflows, documents and reports into a single program. It also allows you to easily meet the reporting requirements from the New York State Department of Health.

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Automate and Simplify for Efficiency

Increase staff productivity via automation, document control and accountability

  • Two to three minute Quickscreen for assistance program eligibility
  • Full screen with data capture mapped to exchange
  • Integrated imaging tool to collect and store required documentation

Identify appropriate program coverage

  • Custom program screening to determine the correct enrollment pathway from among Medicaid, health insurance exchanges, and other public programs

Reduce overall enrollment and reimbursement cycle-time

  • Electronic submission of applications to the New York State of Health marketplace through our proprietary health insurance exchange interface

Efficiently manage tracking, auditing and compliance

  • Ensures that all Navigator NY Department of Health reporting requirements are met
  • Role-based security models
  • Account tracking to ensure individual and agency performance

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