Advanced Technology for Hospital Self-Pay Inventory Management

The Challenge

New eligibility criteria and enrollment pathways introduced by health care reform have dramatically changed self-pay inventory management for hospitals and health systems. Navigating this growing complexity while helping more patients than ever can be difficult to balance without a strong solution in place. MAPS Self-Pay (SP) provides the tools, technology and support to strengthen your self-pay management processes for maximum efficiency.

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The Solution

Complete enrollment support for Medicaid, Health Insurance Exchanges and hospital financial assistance.

MAPS SP provides a single platform to efficiently screen and enroll for all types of assistance programs. MAPS SP is fully configurable to complement your existing self-pay processes and help you achieve maximum results.

  • Screen and enroll patients for Medicaid
  • Determine patients' eligibility for Qualified Health Plan (QHP) subsidies
  • Choose from a range of screening and enrollment support options for Hospital Financial Assistance programs

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Strengthen Any Approach

MAPS SP provides a strong foundation for any self-pay management approach. Regardless of how you choose to manage your self-pay patients, MAPS SP enables you to streamline the process while achieving accuracy and efficiency.

  • Manage the entire process in-house
  • Outsource to a third-party eligibility vendor
  • Use a blended approach, focusing internal resources on less-complex cases-including QHP subsidies and Financial Assistance programs-while outsourcing more difficult cases to a vendor

Expert Tools Built by Eligibility Experts

MAPS SP was designed by experts for experts. The resulting platform is fully configurable to meet to your needs. Supported by intuitive technology and a modular architecture, MAPS SP provides the flexibility to apply all provider rules, workflows, document management and reports into a single program to deliver superior results.

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Innovate for Maximum Results

MAPS SP builds on 14 years' experience with our flagship MAPS solution. Some of our newest options are the most unique-enabling providers to truly innovate self-pay management.

  • Exchange Interface. Seamless integration with state-based exchanges for MAGI Medicaid eligible individuals; Eliminates duplicate data entry, ensures accurate data sharing, and enables account status tracking
  • Self-Service Portal. A simple online screening tool that enables individuals to initiate the enrollment process; By providing a few pieces of information, individuals can discover potential program eligibility and schedule a meeting with a counselor-right in the system-to complete enrollment.
  • Advanced Reporting Analytics. Provides users access to any data available in the system and enables a wide array of reports to support outcomes tracking and monitor success
  • Non-Medical Program Assistance. Further enhance the benefit you provide to the community by including eligibility and enrollment assistance for non-medical programs such as food-stamps and other local aid
  • Medicaid Eligibility Verification. Integrated support for either individual or batch based 270/271 eligibility verification transactions

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Automate and Simplify for Efficiency

Increase staff productivity via automation, document control and accountability

  • Two- to three-minute Quickscreen
  • Comprehensive screening with data capture
  • Configurable status model and sophisticated workflow engine
  • Integrated imaging tool

Identify appropriate program coverage

  • Custom program screening to determine the correct enrollment pathway from among Medicaid, Hospital Financial Assistance, health insurance exchanges and other public programs

Reduce overall enrollment and reimbursement cycle-time

  • Electronic submission of applications through our proprietary health insurance exchange interface
  • Self-service screening and scheduling portal

Efficiently manage tracking, auditing and compliance

  • Role-based security models
  • Full system integration to HIS platforms via HL7
  • Case management, tracking and comprehensive reporting package to ensure compliance and performance
  • Financial Assistance program requirement compliance. Support for Form 990H and 501r

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Evolving with Providers' Changing Needs

Backed by strong relationships with our clients and partners, Bluemark offers mature cloud based solutions that are time-tested, proven and positioned to evolve with the healthcare market. Through our engaged community of users, we stay connected to the challenges that impact our clients and continue to enhance our solutions to meet changing industry needs.

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