Bluemark Announces Major New Service Line

Audit and Compliance Solution Mitigates Hospitals Exposure to RAC Audits

In collaboration with the Greater New York Hospital Association, Bluemark and GNYHA have embarked on a national rollout of TRACker™, a dynamic web-based technology solution to provide hospitals with a powerful method to effectively manage the time-sensitive and complex workflow and documentation requirements needed to satisfy RAC record requests, process determination letters and navigate the multi-tiered rebuttal and appeal process. TRACker™ provides a sophisticated reporting component for real-time financial, compliance and HIM reporting at all levels of the RAC process now that the RAC program has become a nationwide audit function under the Medicare Fee for Service Program.

As of this date, agreements are in place with over 125 hospitals and health systems. In addition, 9 State Hospital Associations have endorsed the TRACker™ and are actively promoting it to their membership.

For more information, please contact Stewart M. Presser, Vice President for Corporate Affairs at GNYHA Ventures, Inc. (212) 506-5444 or

Bluemark Continues To Expand Its Base Of MAPSng Users

Bluemark continues to expand its base of MAPSng users by welcoming John T. Mather Memorial Hospital located in Port Jefferson, NY and Massena Hospital located in Massena, NY.

These organizations have implemented MAPSng in order to streamline their workflows for assessing Medicaid and Charity Care as well as ensure compliance. Of primary benefit is the ability to properly classify uninsured patients, maximizing reimbursement and avoiding the need to write these accounts off to bad-debt.