Beginning January 1st 2019, Bluemark will offer the third generation of this payer audit management and response solution as Blueway Tracker.

Bluemark, LLC, a specialized healthcare technology developer announced that it has acquired the rights to the GNYHA TRACKER PRO solution from the Greater New York Hospital Association. Beginning January 1, 2019, Bluemark will offer this solution under its Blueway audit and compliance family of products as Blueway Tracker. Blueway Tracker assists hospitals and health systems in protecting reimbursement dollars and seamlessly managing the insurance audit response process.

Since its initial launch over a decade ago, Bluemark has partnered with GNYHA on the TRACKER PRO solution. Bluemark was responsible for handling all technology development, operations, training and client support. Over the years, Bluemark has developed deep expertise in the arena of audit management.

"The Greater New York Hospital Association has been a valuable partner for Bluemark for many years and without them, TRACKER PRO would not be the industry leading audit management solution it is today," said Bryan Exner, Bluemark's Chief Operating Officer. "The landscape of audit management has changed dramatically over the past several years, and the timely response to Recovery Audits is still critical, but navigating Medicaid and commercial insurance audits is becoming increasingly challenging for providers. We look forward to the release of Blueway Tracker and bringing to market the next generation of insurance audit defense technology."

With this acquisition, Bluemark has expanded the product offering to include new functionality and automation, providing even greater efficiency and cost savings for clients. Features being introduced include enhanced case management functionality, full interface automation, enhanced Release of Information capability, and a more robust and customizable Commercial Insurance audit response toolset. Both current TRACKER PRO clients and new Blueway Tracker clients will have access to this functionality.

About Bluemark

Bluemark, LLC, is a specialized software and technology developer that provides expert solutions for healthcare professionals. Bluemark helps clients maximize reimbursement and achieve workflow efficiencies through the development of technology-based business process solutions for revenue cycle and HIM audit and compliance processes. Backed by a national footprint and strong industry relationships, Bluemark offers mature SAAS-based technology solutions that are time-tested, proven and positioned to evolve with the healthcare market's changing needs.

Bluemark announces new agreement with Continuing Care Leadership Coalition (CCLC)

Bluemark, a leading provider of revenue cycle technology solutions for hospitals, health systems and long term care (LTC) facilities, has entered into an agreement with the Continuing Care Leadership Coalition (CCLC), a health care trade association that represents the not-for-profit and public long term care provider community in the New York metropolitan area. The key to this new relationship is Bluemark's Medicaid Eligibility Automation System, EASy, which provides an end to end solution for the creation, submission and tracking of Medicaid applications for the long-term care market.

"Bluemark has been providing eligibility and enrollment technology solutions for the hospital and the long-term care markets for the past 18 years," said David Becker, Partner and EASy Solution Business Lead for Bluemark, "and we look forward to working with CCLC to help us expand our reach in the greater New York long-term care market." Bluemark has been able to respond to the most recent challenges in the long-term care market with new functionality to help clients with the Asset Verification System, Deferral Extension Requests, and the Re-Application process through EDITS. With EASy, clients realize improved cash flow, business office efficiencies and a simplified Medicaid application submission process.

"CCLC looks forward to working together with Bluemark in a partnership that CCLC expects will yield benefits for CCLC members and the individuals they serve," said Scott C. Amrhein, CCLC President.

Bluemark and CCLC will be working closely together over the next several months to introduce the EASy solutions to their membership. For more information please contact:

David Becker
Partner, and EASy Solution Business Lead
(914) 466-8606

Acurity/Bluemark Agreement Extended for Three Years at Existing Favorable Pricing

Source (Acurity announcement July 10th 2018). Acurity is pleased to announce that it has extended its group purchasing agreement with Bluemark for three years (through June 30, 2021) at the current, favorable price schedule. Initially entered into in 2006, this agreement brings Bluemark's automated solutions that support the patient screening and application process for Medicaid and other public financial assistance programs to GNYHA and Acurity members. Now serving more than 30 hospitals, health systems, and continuing care facilities ("healthcare facilities"), the Bluemark portfolio of solutions includes the following:

  • MAPS: This solution consists of two tools that help automate the patient screening and application process for financial assistance and ensure compliance with hospital charity care guidelines and state and federal charity care policies.
  • MAPSch (Medical Application Processing System-Charity) is a Web-based software application that enables healthcare facilities to determine patient eligibility for certain charity care assistance programs, process files, carry out case management, and comply with state requirements.
  • MAPSng (Medical Application Processing System-Next Generation) is software that fully automates healthcare facilities' financial counseling function; determines eligibility for Medicaid, Family Health Plus, Child Health Plus, and other assistance programs; facilitates the submission of Medicaid applications to New York City's Department of Social Services Eligibility Data and Image Transfer System (EDITS) for NYC residents; and assists in the enrollment and tracking of those individuals who qualify for a state's health insurance exchange.
  • Eligibility Automation System (EASy) and EASy Client Search Engine: This solution enables New York City-based continuing care facilities to electronically assess, create, submit, process, and track Medicaid applications. EASy also links continuing care facilities directly with EDITS and enables them to opt-in to the sharing of historical information on cases found in EASy.
  • Blueway Portal: A CMS-approved health information handler service, the Blueway Portal helps healthcare facilities securely submit medical records to CMS review contractors via the esMD (Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation) platform.

Under the Acurity/Bluemark agreement, Bluemark's standard prices are discounted up to 25% for all GNYHA and Acurity members as well as members of GNYHA-affiliated organizations.

To learn more about the Acurity/Bluemark agreement, please contact Barbara A. Green, PhD, Senior Vice President, GNYHA Ventures, at (212) 259-0720 or

Blueway Portal Go-Live at New Client Site

NEW PALTZ, NY - (February 28, 2018) - Bluemark, a specialized healthcare technology developer, is pleased to announce that the new Blueway Portal esMD solution is now live with a national provider of renal and chronic care services. This new client supports over 2,000 healthcare centers across the country and will be using the Blueway Portal solution to respond to all types of Medicare audit document requests. Once fully implemented, Blueway Portal will save the client significant time and money in their audit response process.

We are pleased to welcome this new client to the Bluemark community of users.