Automate and Simplify with Bluemark Technology

MAPS: A complete self-pay inventory management solution for any enrollment pathway: Medicaid, Financial Assistance, health insurance through the exchanges, and other public programs.


MAPS equips providers to quickly and accurately assess the uninsured or underinsured and qualify them for the appropriate program. Intuitive technology and a modular architecture allow us to apply all provider rules, workflows, document management and reports in a single cost-effective platform.

MAPS helps clients:

  • Maximize revenue by identifying appropriate program coverage
  • Reduce overall enrollment cycle-time, accelerating reimbursement
  • Increase productivity with automation, document control and reporting

Learn more about MAPS here.

Blueway Tracker: Defense for Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance audits. Now with Full Cycle esMD.

Blueway Tracker

Bluemark brings together adaptive technology, industry expertise and an experienced community of users to fuel ongoing enhancements to Blueway Tracker, ensuring the tool is always ready to protect you and your reimbursement dollars from the latest industry challenges.

With Blueway Tracker our clients:

  • Protect Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance reimbursement dollars.
  • Ensure compliance in response to time sensitive deadlines.
  • Automate the audit appeal process freeing your staff to focus on more value added tasks.
  • Measures the true impact of audits with extensive real-time reporting capability.

Learn more about Blueway Tracker here or Full Cycle esMD here.

Blueway Portal: With Full Cycle esMD, providers can immediately begin taking advantage of electronic document transmission options for record requests from Medicare Fee-For-Service audit contractors.


By utilizing Blueway Portal, providers can quickly and easily leverage esMD transmissions while continuing to use existing audit workflow management tools—acting as a true complement to your current processes. Blueway Portal provides tools that strengthen four key areas of the audit response process, including:

  • Basic Audit Inventory Tracking
  • Electronic Receipt of the Medical Documentation Request
  • Electronic Document Submission
  • Electronic Appeals Submissions
  • Document Management and Storage

Learn more about Blueway Portal here or Full Cycle esMD here.

EASy: A complete, end-to-end eligibility and enrollment technology
solution for long-term Medicaid.


EASy facilitates the assessment, creation, submission, processing and tracking of long-term care Medicaid applications and all under care actions. EASy automates the entire application process for your facility.

EASy helps clients:

  • Reduce overall enrollment application cycle-time, accelerating reimbursement
  • Increase productivity with automation, document control and accountability
  • Manage tracking, auditing and compliance

Learn more about EASy here.