EASy™ Client Referral Program

Referral Program

One of the most valuable assets Bluemark has as a company is our community of EASy clients. We appreciate their business over the years and are committed to providing them with the best solution for processing Medicaid applications on the market today. We are now pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to save money with our new EASy Client Referral Program.

The program is simple. If clients are happy with our solution, then we encourage them to consider sharing that information with their colleagues in the New York City nursing home community. For every client referral sent us that results in a new EASy contract, the referring client will receive a free month's utilization of the EASy solution in 2018.

Program Details:

  • A referral will be defined as a new facility who contacts us and mentions that they were referred by a current client, or a current client who facilitates the introduction of Bluemark to the new facility. We will flag in our system who the referring client is and once a deal is completed the credit will be applied.

  • Referral must result in a new contract within 6 months of initial introduction, and the new contract must be for at least a two year term.

  • The referring client must be in good standing with Bluemark and referral credit will apply to the next invoice following the execution of the contract with the newly referred client.

  • Referral Program will last through December 31, 2017 with credits applied in 2018.