MAPS Platform

Innovate and Simplify Your Approach to Self-Pay Management

Today's Challenges

Hospitals and Health Systems are continually challenged to develop and implement the most effective strategies and processes for managing their growing self-pay patient populations. The goal is simple, to identify and convert self-pay patients into either reimbursement generating programs such as Medicaid, or into available financial assistance programs or charity care. Delivering on this goal is not always easy when you consider all of the variables involved including regulatory changes, shifting demographic profiles of the patient population, and the availability of financial counseling resources. Add to this the possibility of unforeseen health emergencies which can cause dramatic and sudden shifts to reliable revenue sources that negatively impact the patient populations ability to access and pay for medical care.

The future of self-pay management will require effective utilization of all available resources including in house staff and technology solutions. Self-service and contactless engagement technology will also become a critical piece of the process. In the end, hospitals need to find the most efficient and effective way to ensure that the right patients get the right coverage...every time.

The Solution

The Bluemark MAPS family of solutions helps providers to accurately and efficiently assess the uninsured or underinsured, properly qualify them for appropriate assistance programs, and provide complete enrollment support in a single technology platform. Featuring intuitive technology and a modular architecture, MAPS is the only eligibility and enrollment technology solution that can be fully configured to meet your needs

MAPS Self-Pay Management Platform for Hospitals and Health Systems

MAPS enhances providers' existing self-pay management processes — whether outsourced or in-sourced to efficiently screen and enroll patients for all types of programs, including Medicaid, Financial Assistance, health insurance exchanges and more. MAPS enables providers to accurately screen and enroll more patients and achieve maximum reimbursement.

MAPS IQ for Native American Tribal Health Organizations

MAPS IQ is custom designed to meet the needs of the Native American healthcare provider market and delivers a single platform to efficiently screen and enroll uninsured individuals for all types of available assistance programs.

MAPS-clear, the Patient Outreach Portal

The MAPS-clear patient outreach portal enhances the communication and outreach capabilities of the MAPS Platform. The web-based application provides patients with access to a self-service portal to directly engage with the financial counseling staff for assistance program eligibility and enrollment.

Automate and Simplify for Maximum Results

MAPS brings together all of the functionality needed to convert the self-pay patient population into either reimbursement generating programs or financial assistance in the most effective and efficient manner possible. The suite of functionality includes tools for patient outreach and engagement, core assistance program eligibility and enrollment processing, and patient financial services management tools and reporting.

Backed by strong relationships with our clients and partners, Bluemark offers mature SaaS solutions that are time-tested and positioned to evolve with the healthcare market. Through our engaged community of users, we stay connected to the challenges that impact our clients and continue to enhance our solutions to meet changing industry needs.