MAPS-clear Patient Outreach Portal

Specifically designed to safely and securely engage your patients

The Solution

The MAPS-clear patient outreach portal enhances the communication and outreach capabilities of the MAPS Self-Pay Management platform. The web-based application provides patients with access to a self-service portal to directly engage with the financial counseling staff for assistance program eligibility and enrollment. MAPS-clear allows patients to securely screen for program eligibility, supply required application information, submit required documentation, and message with their financial counselor. All activity on the portal is tracked in the MAPS platform.

MAPS-clear can be branded with the hospital's name and logo, and supports proactive patient outreach activities, remote financial counseling, and new contactless engagement initiatives. Patient communication can be in the form of secure email or text, and patient traffic can also be driven to the portal through broad based communications and by way of QR codes.

With MAPS-clear Our Clients:

  • Offer a self-service solution for Medicaid and Financial Assistance eligibility and enrollment
  • Improve patient experience and satisfaction
  • Align communication methods with the changing demographics of today's patients
  • Utilize a low cost method to reach high volume low dollar accounts
  • Improve 501(r) compliance

New Functionality Includes:

  • Patient Profile Manager: This tool organizes all the aspects of the patient engagement process into a simple panel. This tool provides financial counselors with an easy method to create a patient account and send direct communications by email or text.
  • Push to Patient: This allows a financial counselor to perform a simple update on an account and have an automated message sent directly to the patient allowing them to easily access their account and review status.
  • Next Step Workflow: This direct messaging capability lets the patient know when something is needed from them. Next Step engages the patient in a simple workflow and intuitively steps them through the process. Common actions include the submission of required documents and application signatures.
  • One Time Sessions: This is a feature that allows communication with your patients without requiring them to create a portal account. The patient simply opens an email, authenticates themselves and then has access to the specific required action.

With MAPS-clear you can save time and money by allowing compliant patients to come to you instead of you chasing them.