Uninsured Patient Management Technology for Native American Healthcare Organizations

The Challenge

There are approximately 2 million American Indians and Alaska Natives who belong to over 500 federally recognized tribal organizations across the country. Like the rest of the population, many of these individuals lack proper health insurance coverage. The mission of the health systems that serve this population is to raise the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level.

Connecting this population to the programs designed to assist them has been complicated by evolving eligibility criteria and new enrollment pathways introduced by health care reform. MAPS IQ was developed to help Native American healthcare organizations navigate this growing complexity with the tools, technology and support to strengthen their uninsured patient management processes.

The Solution

Enrollment support for Medicaid, Tribal Based Assistance Programs, and Health Insurance Exchanges.

MAPS IQ was custom designed to meet the needs of the Native American healthcare provider market and delivers a single platform to efficiently screen and enroll uninsured individuals for all types of available assistance programs. MAPS IQ is fully configurable to complement your existing uninsured patient management processes and help you achieve maximum results. It can also be utilized to support community outreach and enrollment efforts.

Bluemark has been partnering with Native American healthcare organizations for the last five years on the development of these key features:
  • Grant Reporting - Many of our clients are recipients of grant funding, such as CHPRA and use MAPS IQ to support their assistance program enrollment efforts. This activity is can be easily tracked and reported on through MAPS IQ.
  • Tribal Based Assistance Programs - MAPS IQ allows each client to include any assistance program unique to their tribal organization. It also allows for the inclusion of a wide variety of assistance programs including: Medicare Savings Programs, Veterans Programs, and Food Stamps.
  • Member Level Enrollment Tracking - MAPS IQ allows you to track at the individual member level, all assistance program eligibility, enrollment and re-enrollment. It also facilitates and simplifies proactive community outreach activities.

MAPS IQ was designed by experts for experts. The resulting platform is fully configurable to meet to your needs. Supported by intuitive technology and a modular architecture, MAPS IQ provides the flexibility to apply all provider rules, workflows, document management and reports into a single program to deliver superior results.

Innovate for Maximum Results

MAPS IQ is built on the 15 years' experience with our flagship MAPS solution. Some of our newest options are the most unique-enabling providers to truly innovate uninsured patient management.
  • Exchange Interface. Seamless integration with state-based exchanges for MAGI Medicaid eligible individuals.
  • Self-Service Portal. A simple online screening tool that enables individuals to initiate the enrollment process.
  • Advanced Reporting Analytics. Provides access to all of the data available in the system and enables a wide array of reports to support outcomes tracking and monitor success.

Automate and Simplify for Efficiency

Increase staff productivity via automation, document control and accountability

  • Integrated two- to three-minute Quickscreen.
  • Comprehensive screening with data capture.
  • Configurable status model and sophisticated workflow engine.
  • Integrated document imaging tool.

Identify appropriate program coverage

  • Custom program screening to determine the correct enrollment pathway from among Medicaid, Tribal Assistance Program Assistance, health insurance exchanges and other public programs.

Reduce overall enrollment and reimbursement cycle-time

  • Electronic submission of applications through our proprietary health insurance exchange interface.
  • Self-service screening and scheduling portal.

Efficiently manage tracking, auditing and compliance

  • Role-based security models.
  • Full system integration to HIS platforms via HL7.
  • Case management, tracking and comprehensive reporting package to ensure compliance and performance.

Evolving with Providers' Changing Needs

Backed by strong relationships with our clients and partners, Bluemark offers mature cloud based solutions that are time-tested, proven and positioned to evolve with the healthcare market. Through our engaged community of users, we stay connected to the challenges that impact our clients and continue to enhance our solutions to meet changing industry needs.