MAPS Self-Pay Management Platform

Advanced Technology for Assistance Program Eligibility and Enrollment

The MAPS Self-Pay Management Platform is specifically designed to meet the revenue cycle challenges of today's healthcare providers. When fully implemented, the MAPS platform has the power to increase a hospital's ability to convert self-pay patients to reimbursement eligible accounts and will lower the overall cost to manage these accounts. MAPS puts the hospital and their patient financial services team in control of the self-pay management process to ensure that patients get enrolled in the right program every time. Available assistance programs include Medicaid, Financial Assistance, Health Insurance through the Exchange and a wide variety of social services programs.

MAPS Benefits Include:

  • Ability to manage all self-pay account activity in one solution
  • Identify all potential reimbursement opportunities
  • Lower the overall cost of assistance program enrollment
  • Configurable and adaptable to meet specific organizational needs
  • Simplify and lower the cost to process Financial Assistance accounts
  • Increase staff productivity via automation, document control and accountability
  • Meet auditing and compliance requirements

MAPS Key Features

MAPS brings together all of the functionality needed to convert the self-pay patient population into either reimbursement generating programs or financial assistance in the most effective and efficient manner possible. The suite of functionality includes tools for patient outreach and engagement, core assistance program eligibility and enrollment processing, and patient financial services management tools and reporting.

Patient Outreach and Engagement

The MAPS-clear Patient Outreach Portal provides patients with access to a self-service web application for eligibility screening and enrollment into available assistance programs. MAPS-clear takes advantage of email, text and QR codes to optimize patient outreach and drive higher levels of engagement. MAPS-clear also supports remote financial counseling models and contactless engagement. This technology allows patients to securely self-screen, supply application information, submit required documentation and direct message with their financial counselor. The easy to use patient tools simplify and enhance the patient experience while improving response.

MAPS-clear is optimized for use with smartphones and tablets and can be branded with the hospital's name and logo to enhance the overall patient experience.

Account Processing Tools

The core of the MAPS solution is the account processing set of tools. These tools are designed to quickly and accurately assess an individual's eligibility for available assistance programs and then move the account through the appropriate workflows to ensure program enrollment.

  • QuickScreen — The MAPS solution employs a two minute screening process to assess an individual's eligibility for all available assistance programs in a single interview.
  • Custom Enrollment Pathways — Once eligibility is determined, the financial counselor will be directed down a specific pathway to complete the enrollment process. Enrollment pathways are based upon a combination of external assistance program requirements and internal processing strategies.
  • Process Automation — Accounts move through the enrollment process based upon two factors, direct data input or through rules based automation. Account status and workflows continually update ensuring the most efficient enrollment process is always applied.
  • QuickSheet — This proprietary web browser capability is designed to facilitate the submission of MAGI based Medicaid applications through state based online portals or exchanges. QuickSheet allows patient account data to be easily shared between the MAPS solution and the state based portal.

Management Tools and Reporting

The combination of managing both the volume of self-pay patient accounts plus a team of financial counselors can be a daunting task for Patient Financial Services leaders. MAPS comes equipped with some of the most advanced management and reporting tools available in the industry. These tools allow PFS leaders to identify potential issues before they become major problems. Each MAPS implementation includes a portfolio of standard reports which have been developed and refined through years of client engagements. It provides the ability for clients to create their own reports utilizing a simple interface. Typical reports include account status, final disposition, and processing cycle-time. The development of custom reports is also available upon request.

Transitioning to the MAPS Solution

Whether you are transitioning from a manual based process, replacing an existing technology solution, or insourcing more accounts from your third-party vendor, moving to the MAPS platform is a simple and straightforward process. Our experienced team of client relations managers work with clients through our multi-staged implementation process.