About Us

Innovative Healthcare Technology for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Health Plans

Bluemark, LLC, is a specialized software developer providing expert solutions for healthcare professionals. We solve complex problems with our adaptive technology and industry expertise. As a professional healthcare technology firm, we help clients enhance reimbursement and achieve workflow efficiencies through the development of technology-based business process solutions for revenue cycle and HIM audit and compliance processes.

Backed by a national footprint and strong industry relationships, Bluemark offers mature SAAS based technology solutions that are time-tested, proven and positioned to evolve with the healthcare market's changing needs.

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Solutions for the Industry's Toughest Challenges

Bluemark designs solutions for some of the healthcare industry's most complex challenges–challenges that have become increasingly complex with the onset of health care reform.

  • Self-Pay Patient Management. The assessment and enrollment process for public benefit programs such as Medicaid, health insurance through the exchange, and Hospital Financial Assistance is multi-faceted and complex. Providers must navigate multiple systems and identify the appropriate enrollment pathway based on an evolving set of eligibility criteria. Bluemark simplifies the process, enabling clients to easily track and manage activities, ensure compliance and enhance reimbursement.
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  • Audit Response Management. Providers are under considerable scrutiny from outside agencies, including Medicare, Medicaid and third-party payers, to validate claims and properly manage associated audits. Bluemark's sophisticated cloud-based audit and compliance technology solution streamlines this process, providing technology to efficiently and effectively manage all types of audits–and protect reimbursement.
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  • Audit Document Submission through esMD. As a certified Health Information Handler, Bluemark offers its clients the ability to electronically submit medical records and associated documents to a wide range of Medicare Fee-For-Service audit contractors. The Blueway Portal is part of the Blueway family of solutions and provides a more efficient and cost effective way to respond to audit document requests.
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A Unique Solution Design Philosophy

Bluemark understands every organization is different. That's why we take a consultative approach to solution design, taking into consideration each client's unique challenges, processes, vision and goals. It's a highly collaborative process, driven by the results you want to see. We are able to combine years of industry expertise, knowledge management and our team of professional software developers to take a multi-faceted approach to solution design. This results in custom-configured technology solution that are secure, reliable and tailored to clients' individual needs.

An Engaged Community of Users

Bluemark provides clients with comprehensive ongoing operational support, including training, software maintenance and technical assistance. Through our engaged community of users, our team stays connected to the growing number of industry challenges that impact our clients.

Bluemark is committed to continuing to enhance our existing technology solutions as the industry changes and to identify innovative solutions to new industry challenges. We remain dedicated to our community of users and grateful for their engagement and support.

Strategic Partnerships

Bluemark partners with industry leaders to develop and deliver innovative technology-based business solutions. Notable strategic partners include the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA), The Ohio Hospital Association, Iroquois Healthcare Alliance (IHA), and Experian Health.

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