Passport, Bluemark Team For Front End Revenue Cycle Management

Financial Products and Services Generate Millions in Revenue for Providers

New Paltz, NY -- Bluemark LLC and Passport Health Communications, Inc. have entered a business partnership agreement to help health care providers increase revenue by decreasing bad debt and uncompensated care.

Technology and services from Bluemark and Passport drastically reduce or eliminate the costs associated with health care providers giving care to patients who cannot pay by determining which patients are eligible for state Medicaid programs or qualify for charity care or other assistance. Web-based charity care assessment technology from Bluemark alongside Passport's eligibility verification and self-pay review provides a complete financial assessment for every patient. Passport's address verification, credit scoring and credit card processing can also be utilized before the patient is treated to increase patient payments and eliminate potential bad debt.

Healthfirst Selects Bluemark To Streamline Medicaid Application Processing

Bluemark's MAPSng™ Automates Submission of Medicaid Applications

Healthfirst has contracted with Bluemark, LLC to implement its flagship service line, MAPSng™ as a company wide solution that addresses the eligibility assessment and enrollment process for the umbrella of New York Medicaid programs it offers to its members. A key component of this effort is the ability to electronically submit these applications and supporting documentation to New York City HRA EDITS system for rapid adjudication. MAPSng™ automates all of the necessary workflows to manage this highly complex and labor-intensive process. Key functions include client screening, application generation, and imaging of documentation as well as comprehensive case management.

Bluemark's MAPSng™ solution will enable Healthfirst staff to streamline the transaction process, resulting in a faster exchange of information, higher acceptance rates and quicker payment cycles.

About Healthfirst

Healthfirst, established in 1993, is a hospital-sponsored organization dedicated to providing the highest possible care, access and customer service to its members. Headquartered in New York City, Healthfirst offers a variety of Medicaid, Medicare and commercial healthcare programs. Over 85 hospitals and medical centers and close to 20,000 physicians and specialists make up the Healthfirst provider network. The Healthfirst family of companies includes Healthfirst in New York, Healthfirst NJ in New Jersey, and HF Management Services, which provides comprehensive administrative services to healthcare organizations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.