Blueway™ Tracker

Your Best Defense Against Insurance Audits - Now with Full Cycle esMD

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Power your audit management and response process with Blueway™ Tracker

Bluemark is pleased to announce the launch of Blueway Tracker, the latest solution in our family of Blueway audit and compliance products. This newest release expands on Blueway Tracker's industry leading capabilities with new features to manage the response process of all types of audits including those from Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Payers. This latest version brings improvements in case management, claims and remittance file interfacing, payer contract tools, release of information, and reporting. It also includes the option of Full Cycle esMD which provides direct electronic document transmissions through CMS' esMD Gateway. Full Cycle esMD allows Bluemark to receive electronic medical document requests and submit medical records and required documentation on behalf of our clients. In total, Blueway Tracker is the most powerful audit management and response solution available in the market today.

With Blueway Tracker our clients:

  • Protect Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance reimbursement dollars
  • Ensure compliance in response to time sensitive deadlines
  • Automate the audit appeal process freeing staff to focus on more value added tasks
  • Measure the true impact of audits with extensive real-time reporting

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Blueway™ Tracker Core Features

Enhanced case management functionality. Effective audit response management is all about real-time account tracking, cross-department collaboration and timely notification. Blueway Tracker has an industry leading tool-set that facilitates response management in a simple to use streamlined package. Powerful status models and integrated workflows support all types of audit scenarios allowing for accurate management of both prepayment and post-payment reviews rapidly with transparency.

Dynamic worklists provide intuitive work queues that allow for audit tracking based on workflow status or user responsibility. Worklists are integrated with an automated notification system capable of alerting users via email and text notifications based on either assignment or key event change. Blueway Tracker helps drive collaboration to ensure all necessary departments have a seamless method of working together.

Full Interface Automation. The sharing of data across systems is an essential part of the Blueway Tracker platform and can both automate and streamline the audit response management process. Blueway Tracker has a wide variety of standard and custom interfaces to acquire and to post back information to host systems.

  • Inbound claim (837) and remittance (835) interfaces supply Tracker with patient demographics, account data and payment details, streamlining data entry and automating payment events as they are posted. In addition, this data flow improves the accuracy of financial reporting as we are sourcing information directly from the remittance transactions.
  • Outbound HIS notifications provide an event-based post back of notes and indicators to your host systems allowing the coordination and automation of downstream workflows.
  • Release of information interface allow for tighter collaboration with both Medical Records and external vendors.

Customizable Payer Contract Tools. Commercial payers have unique rules based on individual provider contracts. Blueway Tracker provides tools to easily allow you to create customized workflows specific to your commercial payers. Once configured, these workflows plug directly into our platform and seamlessly leverage all of the case management and interface components of Blueway Tracker.

Integrated Release of Information with Full Cycle esMD. Includes unlimited esMD transactions with Full Cycle esMD including the submission of: medical records, discussion requests, Level 1 and Level 2 appeals. Additional configurations available to support fax based and secure PDF email-based document submission methods. In many cases, electronic document submission to Medicaid Audit Contractors and Commercial Insurance Providers is also available.

Comprehensive Reporting Suite. Our industry leading reporting tools give you real-time access to monitor and assess all aspects of your audit response performance. A wide variety of both ad-hoc and pre-built reports cover financial impacts, account status and aging and worker productivity.

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Take audit defense to even higher levels with these customizable features

Bluemark continues to work with our community of users on the next generation of audit response and management. Allow us to custom design a solution to meet you specific needs and environment. Custom enhancements available today and in future releases include:

  • Commercial Payer site monitoring, notification, and document submission interfacing
  • Integrated data of additional Commercial Payers beyond the top five included with the base package
  • Third-Party Release of Information Interface
  • Sub-acute provider site access
  • Pathway Reporting and Analytics Toolset

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